What are LifeGroups?

LifeGroups at Antioch Fort Worth are intentionally designed to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

In the early Church, we see believers living in intentional community. They met in each other’s homes, ate meals, and lived life together. This communal way of doing things stirred up faith and inspired believers to live out the great commission. (Acts 2:42-47)

We believe we are still called to live in that kind of community today, and that it is something that our highly individualized culture sorely lacks, yet deeply craves. LifeGroups are not a ministry or program of the church. Simply put, LifeGroups are the church!

What To Expect At LifeGroup

Our LifeGroups meet in homes throughout Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, and ideally range from 8-15 people. Although every LifeGroup has its own style and flow, when you attend you can expect: to connect with others; to engage in deep discussions about life and God’s Word; and to spend time in worship, fellowship, and outreach to your community. LifeGroups are the heart and soul of our church life and the absolute best way for you to get connected at Antioch Fort Worth. We can’t wait to meet you!

Discipleship Within The LifeGroup

An integral piece of LifeGroup is discipleship between its members. Intentional discipleship was one of Jesus’ main tools for building His church! He lived and modeled this every day in how he walked with the people around him. Discipleship does not just mean “Bible study”. It describes a life on life model of pursuing relationship with Jesus and accountability with others. Jesus persisted in living real life with His disciples, invited them into His ministry, and gave them insight into His intimate relationship with the Father. This lifestyle was not meant to end with Jesus, and it is a huge piece of LifeGroup at Antioch Fort Worth. Jesus asks us to do the same thing today with each other. (Matthew 28:19) No one is made to figure out how to follow God on their own. Much of the Bible is written to whole communities of believers, and are meant to be walked out with other people! Having someone intentionally invest in your life gives you a place to ask questions, get accountability and receive encouragement. Then you can invest in someone else. Get plugged into a LifeGroup, and talk to your LifeGroup leader if you’re interested in learning more about discipleship.

Get Connected

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