Seeking Jesus in a Pivotal Time

Antioch College Ministry lives out a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth through discipleship and community. These years are such a unique, formative time, and we believe that college students are placed in a unique position to experience God, so they can turn around and be a blessing to the world!

Through daily relationship with God, life-on-life discipleship, and missions through the local church, we are committed to being the family of God on Fort Worth’s college campuses, in our city, in the nation, and in the nations. Additionally, each year, we celebrate Thanksgiving together, attend World Mandate, and go to Tijuana, Mexico to share the love of God over spring break.

College Night

College Night

College Night is a monthly gathering where we worship together and hear an encouraging message from our college pastor, Ben Moss.

Night of Breakthrough

Night of Breakthrough

Night of Breakthrough occurs a few times a semester, where we set aside time to pray and worship together, and encounter God.

LifeGroups at Antioch


College LifeGroups are weekly gatherings for our students to spend time with Jesus, and grow in faith and discipleship together.

Meet Our College Ministry Staff

Ben Moss

Dr. Ben Moss


Dr. Ben Moss is our College Pastor. He and his wife, Charlotte, live in Fort Worth near TCU’s campus. With two degrees from Baylor and a PhD from TCU, Ben believes in the power of education to enable students to be a light for Jesus in whatever sphere God calls them to. He has worked as a university professor, lived overseas in missions, and has served in college ministry both domestically and internationally, which cultivated a deep love for the church and helping college students come to know Jesus.


Below, you’ll find FAQs designed to give our college students a direct answer to any questions they may have regarding the beliefs and theology of Antioch Fort Worth. Under resources, we cover a varying number of topics from the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to spiritual gifts,and many others with Scripture references, sermons, and readings that correlate with the topics. We’ve also included a letter to our college parents. If you have any further questions, please email our College Administrator and we’d be happy to find you answers!