Service Time Update: May 26, One Sunday service @ 10AM

Antioch Young Adults

Young Adults

We are discovering together what it looks like to completely follow Jesus in this unique stage of life and in the midst of a complex generation for the purity of our own lives and for the redemption of the world.

The Antioch Young Adult Ministry exists so that young adults can have all the support, education, community, and vision necessary to follow Jesus while navigating a complex world. Our goal is to be the thriving Jesus community whose life testifies of the goodness of God to a lost generation.

The pillars of our community are our weekly LifeGroup gatherings and our Friday night prayer meetings, which overflow into the normal life activities that we do together throughout the week. Quarterly all of our LifeGroups come together for one big meal and celebration called our Young Adult Feasts, and in the summer Young Adults have the opportunity to go on a mission trip together. By gathering in these ways, we develop relationships with one another that we hope are always shaping us to look more like Jesus.

If you want more information, please contact our Young Adults Pastor who would be happy to answer all of your questions.

Young Adults LifeGroups


Mid-Late 20's
Tuesday evenings


Early 20's
Thursday evenings


Early 20's
Thursday evenings

Meet Our Young Adults Ministry Staff

Jordan Ramirez

Young Adult Pastor
Jordan experiences the most joy in his life when he is following Jesus alongside his wife Dani and other fiery young adults. Having experienced rich discipleship to Jesus in his young-adulthood, Jordan is convinced that this is the season of life that holds the most potential for personal spiritual transformation and world-changing obedience to Jesus that become a foundation for a life full of Jesus. His greatest hope is that more young adults will get to experience the wonders of following the Lord and that He will receive the glory that He deserves from this generation. If he is not in the prayer room, you could probably catch him at the comic book store or boasting about LA sports.
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