Service Time Update: May 26, One Sunday service @ 10AM


Prayer at Antioch Fort Worth

Our church started out of a prayer meeting, and corporate prayer continues to be a core value for our community. God has called the Church to pray for His Kingdom to come on earth as in Heaven, and we want to be faithful with that call. We are a praying people, a church who intercedes for each other and delights in God’s presence.

We hope that our Prayer Room stays filled from morning to night with prayer meetings (both personal and corporate). All Antioch Fort Worth members are encouraged to sign up for a prayer slot or attend any “Open to All” meetings which are generally the prayer times with a colorful background, while the white background means the prayer room is booked for private prayer. In order to sign up for a time at the prayer room, please click the  Sign Up To Pray button below.

Preservice Prayer

Sunday @ 8:45am

PreService Prayer provides us a dedicated time to come together to prepare our hearts and seek God's guidance for the various elements of our Sunday morning service. This dedicated time of prayer allows us to cover every aspect of our worship experience, seeking God's will and the release of His kingdom in our midst.

Jesus Hour

Thursday @ 7am

Jesus Hour is a dedicated time where we set aside one hour to draw closer to the heart of Jesus. During this precious hour, we come together as a congregation to engage in heartfelt worship and intercessory prayer. It's an opportunity to align our hearts with His, to listen to His voice, and to seek His guidance and presence in our lives. 

Women's Prayer

Wednesday @ 10:30am

Women's Prayer is a special gathering where women come together to seek the heart of our Heavenly Father through worship, intercession, and thanksgiving. This event is a cherished tradition that strengthens the spiritual bond within our community and fosters a deeper connection with God.

Nations Prayer

1st Sunday of the Month @ 12:30pm

Nations Prayer allows for individuals of all ages to participate. In this unique and powerful prayer gathering, we join our hearts in prayer for our missionaries, their families, their teams, and the nations they serve. Our collective focus is shaped by the specific prayer requests sent to us by these dedicated missionaries, aligning ourselves with their needs and fervently seeking God's intervention.

Friday Night Prayer

Friday @ 7:00pm

At Friday Night Prayer, all are welcome to finish their week in the Lord’s presence. We come together to express our thankfulness and make our requests known to God, before entering into our weekend rest. We also spend time interceding for Fort Worth. At the end of a busy week, come and encounter the God of peace.