Our Vision

We exist to share and multiply the life of Christ in the church through new disciples, new LifeGroups, and new congregations to the glory of God and the joy of all peoples.

Antioch Fort Worth is a non-denominational church located in Fort Worth, Texas that is a part of the Antioch International Movement of Churches. Originally named Christ Fellowship, we were founded in Grapevine, Texas with 13 adults and 14 kids. Then and still now, we meet from house to house with a simple desire to be the church of Jesus Christ in simplicity and power.

Our Lifestyle

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We encounter God through salvation, the power of the Holy Spirit, prayer, and a life of daily devotion.


We live as disciples of Jesus and we make disciples of Jesus. We do this in life-on-life relationships.

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We live on mission in our sphere of influence and by embracing God’s mission here and among the unreached of the earth.

Our Model

There is more life of Jesus present when each person is individually connecting with Jesus and then coming together corporately.

Jesus modeled intentional discipleship by investing in the disciples, and He asks us to do the same today (Matt 18:20).

Through our LifeGroups, we live out an Acts 2 community by meeting house to house, sharing meals together, and sharing our faith to live out the mission of Jesus.

The corporate gathering is an expression of the church, not the expression of the church, that equips the saints and engages the unbelievers, just as Jesus did in Luke 9.

We are equipped to do church in such a way that it can be reproduced anywhere in the world. If Jesus calls us to reach our city, He calls us to reach our nation and the nations.

Our Core Values

Our Vision to Love God

Our passion and purpose have always been and will always be Jesus. Everything that happens here at Antioch comes from a desire to fulfill and live out the Great Commandment - “And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.” (Mark 12:30)

Our Vision to Love One Another

In Acts 2:42-47, we see people gathering together to grow in their faith and live out the mission Jesus left for them. At Antioch, LifeGroups are where we experience authentic community and grow as disciples of Jesus through intentional investment and missional living.

Our Vision to Love Those Who Don't Know Christ

Antioch is a local church with a global mission. We believe everyone has a meaningful part to play in the Kingdom of God, called to proclaim and demonstrate the gospel to the world. The missional church is God’s plan A for reaching the nations of the earth; there is no plan B.

Antioch Fort Worth

In 100 Words

At1 Antioch,2 we3 love4 Jesus5 and6 we7 want8 to9 follow10 Him11 with12 all13 our14 hearts!15 We16 love17 to18 worship.19 We20 love21 to22 pray.23 We24 love25 one26 another.27 We28 are29 missionaries.30 We31 are32 submitted33 to34 the35 leadership36 of37 King38 Jesus.39

We40 love41 to42 share43 and44 multiply45 the46 life47 of48 Christ49 in50 the51 church52 in53 a54 way55 that56 leads57 to58 new59 disciples,60 new61 lifegroups,62 new63 congregations,64 and65 new66 ways67 of68 making69 things70 right71 - from72 here73 in74 Fort75 Worth76 to77 the78 nations79 of80 the81 earth.82 We83 are84 the85 people86 of87 God88 on89 the90 mission91 of92 God93 for94 the95 glory96 of97 God!98 Praise99 God!100