Service Time Update: May 26, One Sunday service @ 10AM

Our vision is to provide an intensive discipleship experience for you to encounter God, grow as a disciple, learn to make disciples, and live on mission in our city, the nation, and the nations of the earth.

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Antioch Discipleship School (ADS)

Antioch Discipleship School is a life-changing experience for people of any age, background, vocation, or season of life. It is an eight-month night school  – with a week-long mission trip over spring break – that helps people become reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ, bringing God’s Kingdom to Fort Worth and beyond. In this intensive year, through a combination of prayer, worship, and teaching in a hands-on learning environment, you will not only be hearers of the Word but doers. We look forward to praying with you about your journey to the Antioch Discipleship School!

Since 2001, we have served hundreds of students in our Discipleship School and we have found the school to be catalytic in establishing Kingdom values and in empowering people to live fruitful lives for Jesus. We encourage everyone to enroll in Discipleship School at some point in their journey at Antioch.

If you want a sneak peek into what a night at ADS is like, sign up for one of our spring preview nights

Apply for ADS

ADS applications are open from March 1 - May 1

Jump in and join! ADS has been one of the most transformational groups I’ve been part of. It will challenge you to grow deeper in your walk with God and also build great community.

- Sony

ADS is a great opportunity to build  spiritual disciplines that open your eyes to what God is doing in and around your life. It’s so refreshing to be with a group of disciples that are just as hungry to know Jesus more.

- Mishael

If you want accountability for creating spiritual life-giving habits and help with practical ways to stay engaged with Jesus that result in lifelong “up and to the right” movement, ADS is the place for you!

- Kelly
  • Weekly Classes: Mondays, 5:30-9:30pm
  • ADS Retreat: Aug. 23-24
  • Fall Outreach: Nov. 23
  • Christmas Party: Dec. 16
  • Christmas break: Dec 23, 30, Jan. 6
  • Spring break mission trip: Mar. 15-20
  • Graduation: May 5
Tuition and Fees
  • Individual: $1,300
  • Couples: $1,900

The first half of tuition is due before the start of the fall semester and the remaining half is due before the start of the spring semester. Please include childcare costs with your tuition payment. Spring mission trip is not included in tuition, but we encourage fundraising. 

Antioch Discipleship SchoolAntioch Discipleship SchoolAntioch Discipleship School
Antioch Discipleship School is best experienced in connection to church life and community. Therefore, anyone interested in joining the Discipleship School must first complete Welcome to the Family.

Church Planting School

For more than 20 years, Antioch Church Planting Schools have equipped and trained people to live lives consumed by a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth. At Antioch Fort Worth, our Church Planting School empowers believers to fulfill the call of God in their life, whether it be as a student, medical professional, educator, church planter, etc. We do this through equipping our students and walking them through Hearing the Call, Clarifying the Call, and Obeying the Call. Over 250 students have graduated from the Church Planting School at Antioch Fort Worth and are now serving God in different capacities all over the world.

Please note that completing Antioch Discipleship School is a prerequisite for applying for Church Planting School.
Key Dates
- Weekly Classes: Spring 2022
- Church-Planting Intensive: The Church-Planting Intensive is an 8-day conference that is required for all students. Church Planting School tuition covers all costs, except for transportation.
Tuition & Fees
- Individual: $1,300

Tuition is for 2021-2022 school year and is subject to change. The first half of tuition is due before the start of the semester and the remaining half is due after the intensive.
Antioch Church Planting SchoolAntioch Church Planting SchoolAntioch Church Planting School