Welcome to The Family


If you have decided to make Antioch your church home, we encourage you to become a member.   Welcome To The Family is an interactive three-part membership class where you can discover our story, experience how we do life together, and learn about ways to join the mission. There is a place for you at Antioch Fort Worth, and a part for you to play as we share and multiply the life of Christ in the church through new disciples, new LifeGroups, and new congregations to the glory of God and the joy of all people.

While we realize it’s possible to feel well-connected and known through LifeGroups and other relationships without official membership, there are many reasons that membership is important:

  • CLARITY: In Acts 20:28 and 1 Peter 5:2, church leaders are encouraged to know who it is they are overseeing. For our pastors to be able to do that well, we have a formal membership process to help make sure everyone in our church is shepherded and cared for well!
  • ONE BODY, MANY PARTS: The church is one body, made up of many parts. (1 Corinthians 12:12-27 ) When we play our part, and use our gifts in the local church, we change the world.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: Membership in the church holds us accountable to live in community with each other, and to “live heaven now” at Antioch Fort Worth.
  • GROWTH: Membership involves a commitment to grow together as we worship together, share life together, serve together, and change the world together.
  • WORLD CHANGE: It is only when we are committed to a community that we can fully experience and live out the Kingdom of God as Jesus intended. We are not meant to do this alone.

When we commit to this Jesus-focused life in the local church, we partner with God to bring heaven to earth!